Things You Should Know When Buying Health Insurance for Pre-Existing Conditions

Pre-existing conditions in health insurance are those health issues which the health insurance policy buyer has been facing before buying a health insurance policy. Some examples of apre-existing disease can be high blood pressure, thyroid, asthma, diabetes, etc. As the treatment forpre-existing diseases might occasionally cost huge, it’s essential that you must get adequate health insurance cover for the same.

In order to make the stylish buying decision for a health insurance policy withpre-existing disease cover, there are a numerous points that you must knowRead them below.

1. Policies Differ from One Insurance Company to Another:

The terms and conditions of different health insurance plans vary with each otherAlso, not all health insurance companies offer cover forpre-existing illnesses. But if they do, they come with waiting periodsNumerous insurers would demand you to undergo apre-policy medical check-up after which cover will be offeredSo, before finalising any one policy, you must check the coverage benefits offered under these plans so as to avoid any hassle in case a claim arises in the future.

2. Not All Doctor’s Visits are Counted:

You mustn’t worry about every visit to the doctor, which can be due to cold, cough, fever, etc. This is because not every trip to the doctor is treated as a red flag when buying health insurance with cover forpre-existing illnessesOnly the diseases and affections that have a longlasting effect on the policy buyer are considered.

3. Inform the Insurer About Any Pre-Existing Conditions:

It’s never a wise decision to hide anypre-existing condition from your insurance provider. You must inform the insurance provider about the same at the time of policy purchaseOtherwiseproviding misinformation can lead to rejection in claims, if made any, in the future.

4. Cover for Pre-existing Medical Conditions is Available:

People frequently hidepre-existing health conditions from their insurance providers thinking that they might be rejected insurance coverage due to the same. But this isn’t true. There are several health insurance plans in the market with cover forpre-existing diseases offered by popular insurance companies at affordable premiums. You can choose from them as per your conditions and budget. But kindly note that these plans come with a staying period, and the coverage benefits can only be availed after that.

5. Waiting Periods Can be Reduced:

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