How You Can Get Free Medical Check-ups under Your Health Insurance?

Generallyhealth insurance policies entitle the policyholder to get a free health check, once every four years. But according to experts, not more than 25 of the policyholders, go for these medical checkups.

The main reason is that many people don’t know about the benefit and others fear that it might increase their premium amount. But this isn’t right and undergoing the medical test is good for the health of the policyholder and also helps to ease out the insurance procedure.

How to Get a Free Medical Checkup from the Insurance Provider?

Policy applicants aren’t charged an added premium if some of the parameters in the medical test report aren’t satisfactory. But the findings of the  health tests are considered only for underwriting purposes, at the time of policy renewal, if the client wants to increase the sum assured. These tests have no impact on the premiums but will only motivate the customers to learn more about their healthcurrently are the ways to get a free medical checkup from the insurer

1. Contact the Insurer to Learn About the Health Checkups:

The insurance provider can be contacted in person at the nearest branch or through their dedicated customer care number to schedule the health survey. The insurance company will validate all the details and will revert about the datetime, and venue of the medical test. The company will send an authorization letter to the insured, which has to be submitted to the diagnostic center, along with the health card.

It’s optimal that the insured gets the test done at the network hospitals of the insurance company so that the insured isn’t asked anything to pay. All the charges for the medical test will be paid by the insurance company. Or if the insurer performs the tests in the lab of his preferenceeither the cost of the medical test will be reimbursed by the insurer.

2. Check the List and the Cost of the Medical Tests:

The policyholder should read the policy document precisely to understand the percentage of the expense that will be refunded by the insurer for the medical checkups. Some insurance companies specify the tests, whereas others specify the costVarious insurance providers offer a different list of medical tests, whereas complete blood profileblood sugar levels, urine test, cholesterol check, ECG,etc., are involuntary for all insurance companies.

3. The relevance of Medical Tests to Claim Free Years:


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