Health insurance for Your Newborn Child

With the birth of a newborn, there’s a total change in the whole family environment as compared to earlier. Without a doubtbabies bring lots of joy with them but they also add another responsibilities to the parents and other members of the familySohealth insurance plans are important to deal with the complexities that can arise due to childbirth.

The insurance plan not just offers coverage for treatment and other healthcare expenses but also helps the policy buyer in leading a stress free life ahead. Although, there are only a few health insurance plans that are designed specifically keeping in mind the newborn babies, but you can avail benefit from maternity insurance coverage or a family floater plan so as to get your newborn baby covered.

Factors to Consider before Buying a Health Insurance Plan for your Newborn:

There is a huge difference between selecting a health insurance plan for newborn babies as compared to selecting health cover for adults. There are varied factors that need to be considered preceding to opting for a health plan for your baby. Some of the vital factors are as follows:

Coverage Offered:

Generallycoverage offered by insurance companies to newborn babies is once they’re at least 90 days old. You need to make sure that your respective insurance company should offer cover for your newborn baby as early as possible. It’ll prove to be beneficial if at the time of birth, your newborn baby is diagnosed with a health condition. While, on the other hand, the total coverage offered will differ from insurance company to insurance company.


The medical records of your newborn needs to be submitted to the insurance company, in order to check whether the newborn is suffering from anypre-existing illness or genetic predisposition. After the analysis and verification of all the documents, the insurance company will let you know regarding the outstanding premium amount against the health insurance plan for your newborn baby. Some of the insurance companies offer cover for newborn as an extension family floater health insurance plan, without charging any extra costthough, some insurance companies may include an more cost for newborn coverage in your subsisting plan.

Waiting Period:

In case, you wish to protect your newborn child from any unfortunate incidence in the futureinsuring them under your existing health insurance plan will prove to be beneficial as it’ll offer coverage for primary immunization expensesMost of the insurance providers, generally wait for a specific time also referred to as the waiting period before offering any coverage. After the completion of the waiting period, the newborn child will be qualified to receive coverage.

Terms and Condition of Policy:

It’s highly important to read the terms and conditions of your health insurance policy prior to buying one as each of the insurance companies will have different conditions and coverage options that you’ll be needed to follow.


It’s tremendously recommended to opt for an insurance company that let ’s the policyholder customize their health insurance plan according to their necessities and budget, if the policy buyer is planning upon adding multiple family members for the insurance cover.

Benefits of Health insurance Cover for a Newborn

The benefits of health insurance plans for a newborn are as follows:

Reduced Healthcare Expenses:

In case an individual is planning to buy a health insurance cover for their newborn babyeither it proves to be benefic for the policyholder in the form of reduced healthcare expenses.

Protects Health of the Baby:

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