Guide To Buy Health Insurance For Senior Citizens

With the medical inflation in India and also the increasing danger of COVID-19, a insurance policy with an adequate amount assured is a must-have for all. it’s especially important if you’ve got elderly parents at home. People become more vulnerable to different diseases as they age, and that they will got to visit the hospital more often. And if your parents are protected by your employer’s group insurance scheme, it’s preferable to get your own.

Guide To Buy Health Insurance For Senior Citizens

The Benefits Of Purchasing A Senior Citizen Mediclaim Policy

  • Cashless services are available at various hospitals across India that are part of the insurer’s network.
  • Annual health examinations are given at no cost.
  • The tax advantages of the premium charged for the policy
  • Expenses for in-home hospitalisation are covered.
  • 15-day free trial duration
  • Policy renewal

Now that you’ve learned about the advantages of senior health insurance, it’s time to learn how to purchase a policy for the seniors.

Hospitalization Costs Are Covered To The Greatest Extent Possible:

Both insurance plans cover in-patient medical costs by default, which ensures the insurer can pay for any expenses you would possibly incur while within the hospital. the subsequent expenses are covered: doctor appointment fees, medications, diagnostic tests, and so on. Some senior citizen insurance plans can have a sub-limit for specific expenditures. Some plans that cover in-patient hospital costs, for example, may have a cap on doctor appointment fees or a limit on bed charges. Senior citizens also need longer stays in hospitals. As a result, it’s important that you simply find a senior citizen health care plan that covers all of your hospitalisation costs.

Be Aware Of The Restrictions On Post-Hospitalization Coverage:

In most cases, insurance providers reimburse policyholders for losses incurred once they are released from the hospital. Postoperative care, follow-up check-ups, diagnostic examinations, chemotherapy, dialysis, and other costs are included. you’ll be eligible for reimbursement for expenditures incurred up to 90 days after discharge, depending on the type of policy you’ve got . However, several insurance providers have post-hospitalization coverage of 7% to 10% of the claim sum. you ought to read the agreement terms before signing the papers and choose a policy that covers 100% of the post-hospitalization expenses.

Check Whether Domiciliary Treatment Is Included:

Geriatricians may recommend that elderly patients be treated at home if they’re unable to travel or if the treatment needs specialised and long-term care.
Insurance providers pay the costs of home care, like medications, doctor’s appointment fees, nurse fees, and so on, through this programme. Since this type of treatment is popular among the elderly, you’ll look for senior insurance that has domiciliary care.

Look For An Insurance Package That Includes AYUSH Care:

AYUSH is an acronym for Yoga, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy. Many elderly people would rather pursue alternative therapy than use allopathic medicine. If your parents want AYUSH medication, it’s best to purchase a healthcare package that has this service. This feature is usually sold as an add-on, and it’s prudent to buy it to make sure full coverage within the event of a medical emergency.

Understand the Exclusions:

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