Common Myths Regarding Health Insurance

Health insurance is often misunderstood owing to the diverse myths and misconceptions that surround it. The ultimate base of all these misknowledges isthe lack of knowledge and understanding regarding health insurance. It’s important to get the myths regarding health insurance busted so that numerous people seek it for their health and financial benefit.

Common Myths Regarding Health Insurance:

Some of the common myths regarding the health insurance policy and the truth that underlies them are listed below.

1. Insurance Companies Will Only Cover Costs of Hospitalization

Owing to the advances in medical technology, several complex surgeries like as cataract surgery, renal calculi dumping,etc. are performed as a daycare procedure. And there are insurance companies that cover these procedures as well, under their health insurance scheme.

2. Only the Earning Member of the Family Requires Insurance

This is a broadly prevalent misconception regarding health insurance. It’s conceived that the main earning member of the family requires health insurance. But this isn’t right and the health insurance should generally cover the entire familyincluding spouse, parents, and the children of the policy seeker.

3. Health Insurance Do Not Pay the Entire Hospital Bill

This is incompletely true as health insurance claims won’t play for consumables like as gloves, masksbandages, etc. Some insurers set limits on room rent and sum assured on medicine and treatment as well.

4. Maternity Programs Are Not Covered

This is also a common misconception, that pregnancy and maternity benefits won’t be covered in the health insurance plan. Though this was true before a few years, the health insurance plan of modern days has started to cover pregnancy and other maternity benefits under the health insurance cover.

5. Health Insurance Policies Are Only for Tax Saving

This is a major misconception regarding health insurance and it’s seen majorly as a tax– saving tool. The medical benefit it offers comes only as a secondary benefit. But the ultimate intent of health insurance is to help people save against major healthcare expenditurerather than for saving taxInvesting in a wise health insurance plan helps to save a lot of money other than mere imposition.

6. Clause Regarding Pre-Existing Diseases

lot of health insurance policies these days come with an option to includepre-existing complaints after a brief waiting periodso making health insurance accessible to all people. Also, some health insurance plans help the policy aspirants to undergo a thorough medical examination to help them have a better insight into their health.

7. Healthy People Do Not Require Health Insurance

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