Changes To Make in Your Health Insurance After Getting Married

Pre-marriage health insurance is generally an individual plan that provides for a single policyholder. But after marriage, the policy has to be culminated into a family insurance plan to extend coverage for the spouse and children.

Under the new insurance plan, all the members of the family have to be covered and there will be changes in the premium amount as well. Though there will be monetary restrictions on allocation for insurance post marriage, it’s of absolute necessity as it renders extensive coverage for self and dependents.

Important Changes to Make in the Health Insurance Policy After Marriage:

There are a number of advantages of upgrading the health insurance plan after marriage as it includes maternity coveradditional health issuespsychological issues, and also childhood diseases.

1. Upgrading from an Individual Cover to a Family Cover:

Marriage is the entry to a new paradigm of life that’s filled with challenges in all dimensions including finance and health. By upgrading from an individual insurance plan to a family floater plan, it’s possible to draw the spouse and children under the coverTherefore, the entire family can enjoy health insurance coverage with a single premiumAlso, the premiums paid towards family insurance will be covered under section 80 D of the Income Tax Act.

2. Renders Maternity Cover at the Earliest:

General health insurance with maternity cover has a waiting period of 0 to 4 years and it can be a source of stress for a married coupleTherefore it’s important to adopt a family health insurance with maternity cover as soon as possible after marriage.

3. Choosing a Plan According to Healthcare needs:

With marriageresponsibilities escalate and health conditions degradeAlso, there will be significant changes in lifestyle after marriage and both men and women are prone to a number of diseases owing to increasing ageTherefore it’s important to choose for a health insurance plan that best matches one’s life and renders cover for possible health problems in the future.

4. Consider an Add-on Cover:

Add-on covers along with family health insurance will improve the coverage of the policyChoose a well-suited add-on cover that best meets the requirements of the family, before topping up the existing policy. Some viable add-on covers are critical illness coverparticular accident covertopup covers that enhance the base cover of the existing policy, etc.

5. Compare Before Buying:

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