All About IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance Policy

With the growing demand for health insurance policies in today’s world, there are several insurance companies that provide exclusive health insurance policies at an affordable price. These health insurance covers provide benefits like pre and post-hospitalization expenses, in-patient expenses, domiciliary expenses, medical consultation, ambulance charges, and plenty more. one among the widely known health insurers is IFFCO Tokio health insurance. This insurance company makes sure that it successfully provides all its policyholders with effective and comprehensive insurance policies.

IFFCO Tokio insurance is a tie-up between Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited (IFFCO) and Tokio Marine Group. Since the year 2000, the company has been providing its customers with a bunch of insurance products like insurance car insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, etc. insurance plan by the company compensates for the expenses incurred in health check-ups, pre and post-hospitalization, ambulance charges, and a lot more.

About IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance Policy:

The all-embracing health services by the IFFCO Tokio health insurance company help the individuals with the high expenses of medical treatments which will incur during hospitalization in private hospitalization. The policies by IFFCO Tokio insurance are cost-effective and ensure maximum benefits to its customers. let us check out some of the prominent features of IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance:

  • The company had a claim settlement ratio of 96.33% in FY 2019-20.
  • There is a network of 5000+ hospitals that are linked with the insurance firm and ensure cashless treatment facility to its policyholders.
  • IFFCO Tokio health insurance offers the lifelong renewability of policies to its policyholders.
  • The company offers COVID-19 covers at a reasonable price for a short period considering the ongoing circumstances of the pandemic.
  • The call centers at IFFCO Tokio insurance provide a 24X7 service to deal with the claim process and other grievances of the customers.

Benefits of IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance Policy:

Let us check out some of the common benefits that IFFCO Tokio insurance policies provide to its policyholders:

  • In case of the exhaustion of the sum assured under the purchased policy, the company provides you with the power of sum assured reinstatement. Under this benefit, you’ll restore the complete amount of your sum assured under the policy.
  • There is no maximum age where the coverage benefits stop. You get the advantage of the lifelong renewability of your insurance policy in order that your connection with the insurer remains in force as long as you would like it to be.
  • Up to the age of 60 years, you don’t need to undergo any pre-medical procedures to avail the advantages of the IFFCO Tokio insurance policy.
  • If you’re not satisfied with the services offered by your purchased insurance policy, then IFFCO
  • Tokio insurance company offers you the benefit to port the policy into the other similar health insurance plan offered by the company.
  • Once in every four claim-free years within the policy tenure, the company provides its policyholders with a free health check-up which is eighteen of the sum assured.

Policy Terms of IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance:

There are certain policy terms that are common in all the insurance policies provided by IFFCO Tokio insurance company. let us look at the standard terms and their features:

  • The minimum age is 3 months and also the maximum age is 65 years to get a policy from IFFCO Tokio insurance .
  • Lifelong renewability of policies is provided under all the insurance plans offered by the corporate .
  • Premiums that are to be paid on the renewals are subjected to change according to the insurer.
  • A general waiting period of 30 days is applicable on the insurance plans by IFFCO Tokio health insurance company.


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